Erinn is a Visual Artist living in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from the Midwestern United States, her art focuses on the convergence of the rural and urban environments found along the shoreline landscapes of the Great Lakes and Northern Germany. Her projects combine elements of organic forms and blunt manmade abstractions to emphasis the unique beauty in our evolving ecosystems. Current projects include a multi-year deep dive into the landscapes of both the Elbe River in Germany and the Chicago River in the United States, and the incorporation of recycled and found material with emerging technologies.
As we continue to increase our focus on urbanization, global warming, and the shrinking of natural habitats around the globe, it is important to show respect for the beauty of both our remote landscapes and in our growing urban habitats. The need to incorporate nature within the design of our modern cities, infrastructure, and transportation solutions as well as advancing our modern technology solutions to seamlessly harness the potential of nature’s renewable energy sources is of critical importance. It is no longer a matter of minimizing urbanization or increasing nature conservation – but rather a question of what solutions can address both realities. Through her current involvement with Sybyl Studios and the S.B. Royal Design Collective, Erinn aims to incorporate her project management experience with her passion for art to create design assets that help tell beautiful stories of our world, the struggles of change, sustainability acceptance, and collaboration.
Erinn studied fine art and photography at Columbia College in Chicago. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from DePaul University and a Professional Project Management degree from the University of Chicago. She has several decades of experience running large projects in Software Development, Brand Strategy, and Construction Management.
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