What we care for, we will grow to resemble. And what we resemble will hold us, when we are us no longer.

-Richard Powers, The Overstory

At the intersection of natural and manmade, this project has evolved out of exploration into expressing natural beauty by dissecting our views with the shape of technology.
The North Woods
Stretching west along the southern shore of Lake Superior through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin, and into the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota is a remote section of dense forests - The North Woods. An often forgot location where few venture, and even fewer call home.
Soaring Up Salty
This project explores 1000+ miles along Highway 101 between Los Angeles and Seattle through popular vacation spots, remote cellphone free stretches and fragile coastal ecosystems. Starting out in a large urban area and winding north capturing the unique diversity in these coastal environments.
Abstract Dreams
Sometimes the absence of detail brings clarity. A color, a hint of movement, an unexpected shape can blur the line between natural and built and allow for greater introspection.
Soft Fauna
The plants in the gardens of our world breed variety, Their intricate ecosystems are like little urban centers. They have roadways and neighborhoods where the residents work, play, eat, sleep and live. Similarities in our built world, infrastructure and architecture are undeniable - almost like we found inspiration in nature. Without their world we would not have ours.
Ungiven Landscapes
The expanse and openness of our rural landscapes hold secrets of design and planning. Drained, flooded, irrigated, burned, built, cleared and cultivated. Much of our World has been engineered. This work explores the nature in cities and the engineering in nature.
Ever see beautiful social media posts of popular destinations and think how peaceful and idyllic they look? Ever visit a tourist spot only to be overrun by crowds, picture pushers and posers? This collection exposes the reality of the crowded sites.
Upcycled Ideas
Mixed Media projects using found items and recycled materials.
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